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MONROE traces

The following traces, which are available for the research community, refer to pcap traces. Traces have been collected and organized with the support of the MONROE project.

Mobile broadband speedtest traces

The goal of this research is to collect a wide range speedtest traces for the mobile broadband (MBB) networks, as seen from actual users while moving around the city using public or private vehicles. For collecting this dataset we ask students to participate and run Mobile BroadBand speedtest. You can find the instruction of our test here. Traces were mostly collected in the city of Torino in Italy, and refer to three technologies (WiFi, 3G, and 4G), and multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNO). The networks were in normal operating conditions (and unaware of our tests). Our terminals (both Android and iOS smartphones) accessed the mobile networks to upload data to a server on campus, using both TCP and UDP at the transport layer.

We used a hybrid method in the trace collection process: we run repetitive active measurements from mobile terminals using iperf2, and we collect passive traces on server side using tcpdump. In each experiment, the mobile terminal runs iperf2 in the upload direction for 600 seconds while tcpdump captures packets at the server.
We collected traces for different MNOs in Italy (Tim, Wind, and Vodafone). For WiFi, we considered the open WiFi community WoW-Fi offered automatically by Fastweb customers that share their DLS or FTTH home network via the access gateway. Mobile phones automatically authenticate using IEEE 802.1x with no action from the user. Traces shorter than 300 seconds are iperf2 experiments run from the stationary MONROE nodes or failed experiments.

Traces contain pcap file from the server ( in our premises running 5 instances of TCP iperf server on ports (5001-5005) and one instance of UDP server on port 4500. All traces are available in zip format.

Type Download Trace File size
pcap Download1.4 GB

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